Medicare Blue Button 2.0 – What is it?

A problem with Medicare has always been the difficulty of keeping track of your medical records and sharing them with different insurance providers or doctors. Another problem has been how individuals and doctors can use the scope of someone’s medical history to help them improve their health. The Medicare Blue Button aims to solve this issue by making it easy to share your Part A, Part B and Part D claim information.

Medicare Advantage plans only have Part D information available, but many Advantage plan providers offer similar services as the Medicare Blue Button 2.0.

The Medicare Blue Button basically lets you easily share all your health data with an organization, agent or application. This can make it very easy for an agent to help you find the best drug plan or for your doctors to coordinate your care. You are totally in control of who you share this information with.

How can I access my claims information manually? has step by step instructions on how to access your blue button information on their website: Basically, this information can be found in your online Medicare account. You can download from the website.

How will the Blue Button make passing my information along easier?

Apps are used for a wide range of services. The Blue Button will allow you to let an App automatically access your information. No need to manually download and send your data. Apps authorized by Medicare will be able to directly pull your Medicare claims information and populate it in their system. This requires your consent and authorization. Many times, your agent can use this to pull your prescription information. This can be very helpful in finding you the best drug plan!

Is my date safe and secure?

It will be safe while it is located on the Medicare website. However as soon as you download it to send somewhere, the information is only as safe as you make it. To that end you need to make sure you have a secure internet connection, a strong password and that you are sending your information to reputable sources. You should also take care to only send your information over encrypted emails and that you keep any physical copies (paper or digital) secure.

Is the Medicare Blue Button safe and secure?

Medicare does a thorough review of every application that wants to use the Blue Button. Only when they meet the safety and security guidelines are they approved. Nevertheless, it is good to independently verify the company that you authorize to use your data is a legitimate company (like a major insurance carrier).

Some may not want to give applications access to their data in such a way and that is fine! The Blue Button is available for those that want to use it but it is in no way required.

Find apps to use with Medicare’s Blue Button:

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