Medigap Plans vs Medicare Advantage Plans

Choosing between a Medicare supplement (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage plan is a big decision. We encourage you to give us a call or schedule and appointment so we can help you compare the two and figure out which one will be in your best interest.

The Main differences between Medigap (Medicare Supplement) Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

  • Large Medicare Network
  • Premiums typically around $125 monthly
  • Very low Out of Pocket cost on most Medigap plans
  • No deductibles on most plans
  • Picks up some or all cost leftover by Medicare
  • Never includes prescription drug coverage, so a stand-alone drug plan needs to be purchased separately
  • Only covers services that Medicare covers
  • There is a Guaranteed Issue period where you cannot be turned down or the cost rated up due to medical conditions. This is available when you first join Medicare Part B for the first time, but after that you must answer health questions to join at a later time and can be denied coverage.

Medicare Advantage

  • Smaller Plan Network
  • Premiums typically between $0-$59 monthly
  • Possible Out of Pocket cost typically $5500-$6700
  • No deductible on most plans
  • Copays for most services
  • Often includes prescription drug coverage at no additional premium. These costs are in addition to the plan out of pocket maximum
  • Often offers additional benefits beyond what Medicare covers like Dental, Vision, Hearing, Meals, Transportation, Free over the counter drugstore items, etc..

We are happy to give you personalized service. If you have any questions please feel free to call us or book a free 15-minute telephone/video appointment with our Lead agent Terri Potter.

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